Where it was taken

The photo featured here was one of a number I took early one morning in September 2017. I was due to catch a ferry to Islay, outbound on a week’s fishing trip and had been keeping an eye on the weather forecast all week as I had this idea that in the right conditions there might be a rather nice sunrise as the sun lifted over Arran out in the Firth of Clyde. You can read more on my Islay adventure on my fishing blog, the Unfamous Fly.

As the day approached the weather looked more certain and I decided (Mrs H thinks I am mental) to get up even earlier than originally planned to catch the ferry, and be just north of Carradal on the Mull of Kintyre, before the sun came up.

On Location

It was a foggy morning but the drive was not at all bad leaving just after 3am to be there around 5:30am.

Conditions were about as near perfect as you could have hoped for, it was clear with high fast moving clouds, and the sun rose exactly as my TPE App ( The Photographers Ephemeris) predicted.

However what no app had also mentioned and I really had not factored into the equation at all, was the midges. Being a Scot, and a keen angler, the humble Scottish midge and its nasty ways is something I am well acquainted with. Usually, by September they have largely disappeared and having grown up by the sea I don’t recall any particular occasions of where they attempted to strip the flesh from my bones while standing on the sea shore. But they did this particular morning.

I was covered in the wee blighters and they were eager to have me for breakfast. It was all I could do to maintain calm and try take shots as the sun rose.

I got a few I was happy with, though had I been able to tolerate the biting beasties a wee bit more and, had I not had a ferry to catch, I might have hung around another 20 mins. By the time I had packed my gear and was ready to head back to Kennacraig, the sky was all sorts of gold and orange hues. A wee bit more patience and more experience of being up at such an early hour needed there I think.

The photograph

So I took a number of shots, some I took three and photo stacked near, middle and long distance, however this one was as it came out the camera with only a little post processing.

The DSLR was mounted on a tripod, using a wide angle lens at 11mm, ISO100, f9.0 and 1.30th of a second. I also had a 2 stop hard ND grad and a Polariser fitted

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