When I first bought my DJI Mavic Air I had a LOT of problems getting it to connect to the Remote Controller. 

I will not tell a lie one of the issues was user error, though a little more clarity in the instructions of the set-up guide would have helped.

In trying to resolve some of these issues between remote control and drone, I installed the DJI Assistant 2 software. This allows a PC to connect to the Drone or Remote Control, and provide a hard wired means to flash up the drone and Remote Controller Software without the issues that doing it over the DJI Go4 App bring.

However in trying to connect the RC to the PC I encountered connectivity issues where the RC, connected by USB was detected and released intermittently by the PC. In the video above you can hear the PC bleep as it detects the USB connected device, then a few seconds later bleep again as it releases it.

After a lot of searching through various fora online, I discovered that the code delivered with the DJI was apparently errant in that it was not including the vital Windows 10 drivers for a USB connection between the Remote Control and the PC. To get these you needed an older version of the software.

I am unaware why DJI have not resolved this issue in the issued builds of the SJI Assistant software and to the best of my knowledge the problem is still encountered regularly by new users of the Mavic Air Drone.

If you had the original  code drop you were unaffected by this issue as the early code contained the vital driver that appears to continue to be used by later builds which miss this component.

Unfortunately the link I managed to find to the old version of the code seems to have been removed and it is not so easy to find and DJI for some reason do not make the older version easy to find on their website. I have been unable to find it there myself.

I do however have access to this code myself, having been fortunate to have downloaded the old version before it went AWOL online elsewhere.

It has become apparent from comments made on my video above that this still remains an issue and the original links I was able to post went dead ( Not my fault by the way, I don’t own them and am not responsible for their upkeep).


So I have decided for a while at least anyway, to make the old version of the code available to frustrated DJI Mavic Air users. The version of code you need to acquire the drivers is DJI Assist 1.0.7 . I have provided a link to the code below. Note this link WILL change on a regular basis so I recommend you do not post the link as it will inevitably go invalid within a very short time. However for those that need it I hope it resolve your issues. While the code is untouched by me other than initially downloading it and making it available, I recommend strongly that you use your own virus checking on it and in downloading, understand you accept reponsibility for any issues occuring as a result of using the software.

DJI Assist 1.0.7 Code

Make sure when using this build that you have uninstalled any later versions first. ( Personally, I didn’t and had no issues but the recommendation I read at the time I had the problem stated this was a requirement). It worked for me right off. You will of course need to reinstall later versions afterwards but will by then have the missing driver installed. Clicking anywhere in this text box should take you to the download or if not try this.

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