I have lived in the viscinity of the Forth Bridges my entire life yet oddly maybe to some, never have I taken a photograph of any of them, the original Forth (Rail) Bridge, Forth Road Bridge, or the Queensferry Crossing. Actually, that’s a lie, I did take a shot of the Queensferry Crossing as it was being built, but it was more for personal documenting it than anything “artsy”.

Forth Bridge
The Forth Bridge at sunset on a receding tide

I was over Edinburgh on an errand and realised it being a nice night and not having anything, in particular, to rush home for, that there was no reason not to head for the ‘ferry and see if a nice sunset made an appearance over the bridges. I arrived early enough that I had enough time to explore and try find a composition I liked. I had never previously ventured along the small beach that runs round a shallow bay to the east of the rail bridge and having found a way onto it, I took a wander along it. I realised the tide was receding and wasn’t sure how well this would help or hinder the exercise. Having walked righ to the end I turned back and wasn’t really inspired. Yeah there were a few big rocks that made a bit of a foreground element but somehow they weren’t giving me anything that added “value” to the view of the bridges.

As I got back to my starting point the rocks that had previously been covered were now exposed and I liked the black colour and the channels of bright green seaweed between. I also liked the fact the rocks seemed to lie in grooves parallel to the bridges with the water line zigzagging in a way that seemed to complement the bridge. 

Forth Bridge from the Hawes Pier

The shot you see above was almost entirely as it came from the camera, though the shot was aided with a 2 stop soft grad ND filter and a polariser. Only the barest minimum of post processing was required and the final square crop ( my camera doesn’t do square format images in body).
I hope you like it. I also took this other shot later on though it is one view you see quite regularly of the bridge.

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