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In Stirling

Being a Scot living in the very centre of the country, I have reasonably easy access to all of Scotland’s charms, from rugged mountains, starting just a few miles away with the Trossachs, to the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow both within 45 minutes by road.

Stirling, my home for the past 20 years is an old and historic city being located on the River Forth at a point where it was feasible to cross to access the Highlands. With its prominent rock dominating the flat carse below, it was an obvious place for a castle, and Stirling Castle is  second only to Edinburgh Castle in its scale and arguably best’s its more well-known brother, with its place in so many battles and historic events over the past thousand years.

You will find many photo’s taken around the Stirling area, for which  I make no apology. Every day I see tour buses pass through the town to get photo opportunities around Stirling’s famous sites ( and sights), but I have it all on my doorstep, it would be foolish not to take advantage.

Gone Fishing

My other great passion is fly fishing. An activity that absorbed my youth to which I returned in my middle years. Unfortunately an inconvenient health issue limits the time I can spend on the water on any given day but as I like to blog and record my outings Photography provides another outlet to the sport and fishing adds another dimension to my Photography! You can read my fishing tales on the Unfamousfly fishing blog.

From Above

In the last few years, photographic drones have opened up a whole new aspect to photography and videography. Views of the world which were the preserve of TV producers and those with big budgets are now in reach of the amateur and enthusiast. Having jumped on this particular bandwagon myself, my better shots taken from the air appear here.

Drone Photography

In the News

Scotland is a restless nation, and not a day goes by but the political shape of our country changes. 40 years ago, being part of the UK seemed the norm and thoughts of being an Independent country were far from the thoughts of any but those on the edges of mainstream politics.   But that has all changed and Scotland sits straddled on the edge of remaining bound to a UK which dominated by England, has some very different ideas and goals to those which the Scot’s hold dear. Many of Scotlands most prominent independence campaigners are by most standards, highly visible in the public realm and so are able to be photographed in most towns and cities fairly regularly.  The Independence movement as a whole has kept growing and campaigning since the referendum of 2014 and aside from the political messages they convey, provide some vibrant colours to our country. You can see some of my photos taken at rallies and in the presence of prominent political figures here. Please contact me if you wish to use any of these images in your publication or blog.