Not many people visit the moors on the Touch Hills. There is a not bad view of the entire Forth Valley but though it is a nice view it doesn’t make for a particularly photogenic view.

I took a wander up the hills in early spring, there was still snow on the ground after our rather severe late winter and noticed that the Touch Hills Number 2 reservoir was full. (There are three reservoirs up here, numbers 1,2 and 4). No, I don’t know where number 3 is either. Any previous time I have been here ( and I hadn’t been up in a number of years) it had been half empty.  I noticed though that a promontory on the far side with some rather windswept trees looked like it might make a nice sunset shot later in the summer when the sun was more in the northern sky. It might look a bit like an island. A place to return to.

Late spring and early summer have been kind to us with long sunny days and warm evenings with some nice sunsets. Time to make good on my idea. I hiked up on to the moors and yep, you have guessed it, the reservoir had been lowered again!

However, I did a bit wandering about and found one spot where I felt it provided an interesting composition with some interest in the trees and exposed rocks….. oh and that sunset.



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