Drone Photography

Scotland from the Air

Drones  have brought new perspective in how we perceive the landscape and sights of the world. Airborne shots were once the sole preserve of those who could afford the costs of hiring a helicopter or light aircraft to see the land from above. The complexity of arranging suitable access at a time when the weather conditions were favourable, only made great aerial shots really hard to acheive. But in recent years the advent of drones, like those made by DJI have brought aerial photography to the masses. Clearly this new technology brings with it new challenges that society and governments will need to keep abreast of and how restrivive regulation will become remains to be seen in view of the Gatwick incidents at Christmas 2018, but for now, I continue to fly (legally) and try to capture the images I can, of Scotland. I hoope you enjoy this section,

Technical Difficulties

All tech brings with it problems and the DJI Mavic Air, the drone I use, is no exception. Without doubt, it is an amazing bit of kit, with the ability to capture 4K video and high resolution images with its 12Mp sensor. And while DJI do a lot to keep the software updated and “bug-free” issues still occur. Probably the most common is the need to recalibrate the device at regular intervals….like nearly every outing!  Also initially getting the device set up can be a challenge as DJI seem to have negated to include the full range of required drivers in their latest code drops. You can see a video I made about this issue and find links to a resolution on the post I did about this issue.